Cannon Fort

Cannon Fort

Cannon Fort - Cat Ba Island is famous for the legend of the jewels were released into the sea creating communities of Ha Long Bay. Blending of natural sea and forest, Cat Ba Island possesses unique scenery like no other.


Come to Cat Ba Island, you neither are immersed in the green as emerald waters and walk the pristine white sand beaches, nor explore the fanciful nature of space in the primeval forests. With favorable terrain other end of the arc strategy, Cat Ba Island as a giant fortress guarded into the sea northeast of our country day and night. 177 highest point on the Cat Ba Island is weak position to protect sea border.

Sunset view from Cannon Fort
177 highest point have known by other name Cannon Fort, located in Cat Ba Beach Resort, Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city. Cannon Fort is the historic relic at the top of the hill. Cannon Fort including the battle for two big guns and tunnel system, trench fortifications built in the late 40 of the 20th century. Due to the prime location, the observed protruding 3 the sea, the back based on mountains, the Cannon Fort became the Spirit accompany military history and Cat Ba people passed over two fierce wars against the French and Americans. At the Cannon Fort has preserve the historical record is 2 big guns.

Big Gun
From the Cannon Fort, you can enjoy scenic beauty of Cat Ba Island. There are many beauty beaches Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, many beauty Islands and casts village in Cat Ba Island.
The Cannon Fort has opened from 13/06/2010. Now, come to Cat Ba Island, you have more meaningful choice to return to nature.

Historical artifacts

The historical remainders include a system of complex observatories and trenches in addition to two cannons. Built right on top of the mountain, the military complex, which has ingeniously designed, is hidden under canopies and threads along the mountainside. In addition, the complex is characterized by French architectural features, which make the complex unflourish but strong and stable. So, the work remains almost intact despite wars and the passage of time. Besides strategic trenches formed by big, thick and rought stones, bulky tunnels with vaults under the mountain are spacious enough to accommodate a group of people passing through. All these wild and rough features give sightseers a special impression of an intact historical relic.

Canon headquarter

The entire fort is under the direction of Headquarter. Orders from headquarter is emitted to all parts of fort. Activities of the fort commander and cooperation strategy meetings took place here.

No. 1 canon

The No. 1 canon of Canon Fort had full control gateway port of Hai Phòng. In the fight against the escalating war of America Air Force to Northern Vietnam, at the peak, Cat Ba Island army and residents had turned this place into a battlefield with 12.7mm canons and rifles. On the height of 177m battlefield, Cat Ba military and civilian shot down 6 U.S aircrafts, contributing to the glorious feat of arms.

No. 2 canon

Canon Fort was solidly built, including 3 canons placed in 3 directions toward the sea. Canon Fort has the underground tunnel system linked together by stone trenches with full infrastructure to serve daily activities at the site such as water tanks, electrical systems powered by diesel engines,... The canons were manufactured in France in 1910, 13.8 mm bore, driven by electricity, with a range of about 40 km.

No. 2 cannon
During Vietnamese war against American army, transportation of the 3 giant canons weighing hundreds of tons to the height of 177m by only people’s manual force was an extremely arduous process and feats, dragging for months. Departments of canon were in turn pulled to the top by a system of rails fitted wheels and pulled-up by human effort. Over the years of history, the No.2 canons has been destroyed and left as remnants of war.
The former military airport was helicopter transport of French troops. In next time, when Cat Ba is allowed to open routes, it will be a small airport, a more convenient way for visitors to visit Cat Ba Island. Clement weather, favorable terrain will turn Cat Ba and the height 177m – Canon Fort to be one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam.

 Opening time: 8.00am – 5.00pm daily
Services in Cannon Fort:
+ Entrance fee: for adults: VND4 0,000/person; for children: VND 20,000/person
+ Electric car fee: VND 50,000/person
+ Sightseeing fee by the observatory: VND 5,000/person

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