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Got pier, Cat Hai, Hai Phong

Heritage Cruises Lan Ha Bay - Halong Bay introduces the first Vietnamese boutique cruise on the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin. Our fleet of vessels combines classic elegance with comfort, showcasing the country’s history, art, cuisine and culture.

Cruise information

As a company, Heritage Cruises is pure, artful and elegant in offering special perspectives on the Red River and the Tonkin Gulf. Our welcome is personal, with only 20 suites, the accommodation sumptuous, and the views just gorgeous. Whether it is a cool scented towel upon arrival, thoughtfully laying out your slippers, dimming the lights and turning down your bed every evening, or creating last-minute magic to accommodate a special request, the staff at Heritage Cruises will surprise, delight, and amaze you with their ability to anticipate your needs, often before you realize them yourself.

Heritage Cruises

Heritage Cruises Cabins

The soul of Tonkin inspired the Lux Group to create a unique and authentic cruising experience in Vietnam. At Heritage Cruises, our standards are so high there is no such thing as a standard suite. You will encounter a level of luxury and service that is nothing short of stellar.

More than a century of history, heritage, arts and expeditions are built into the walls and ornate furnishings of each suite.

The high ceilings and full panoramic ocean views, the hand-painted mosaic tiles, the original paintings, the four-poster colonial bed at the center of each suite. It all combines to deliver an enticing blend of authentic classical charms of French Indochina with elegant Vietnamese themes for a unique and authentic stay.

The 20 air-conditioned suites are spread across the first and second decks, all with en-suite bathrooms, panoramic windows, sitting area and expansive ocean views from an oversized, furnished terrace. Further amenities include a free minibar (refilled every day) and 24h room service.

  • Delta Suites : 33sqm, first deck 

  • Ocean Suites: 33sqm, second deck

  • Captain Suites: 38sqm first deck 

  • Regal Suites: 45sqm second deck


Heritage Cruises Itineraries

If you have limited time and want to see the beauty of Cat Ba Archipelago and Halong Bay in just in one day, this is the definitive experience. It offers the natural wonders of two bays of the Tonkin Gulf in just one day. Heritage Dream Day Cruises Cat Ba Archipelago takes you through picture-postcard-perfect landscapes in Lan Ha Bay in the Cat Ba Archipelago, offering you time enough to evoke all your senses.

Hanoi City – Haiphong City – ferry embarkation – Bright and Dark Cave – Tra Bau area
  • Lan Ha Bay in the Cat Ba Archipelago is in northern Halong Bay, home to pristine beaches. As well as its beauty, Lan Ha Bay is known for the special culture of its local inhabitants and the many floating and fishing villages.
  • One day in Lan Ha Bay enables you to discover amazing places including caves through activities such as kayaking, swimming and fishing.
  • Our day trip highlights the natural attractions in and around Halong Bay and the Cat Ba Archipelago. Observe the tranquil beauty and breathtaking scenery from the sundeck of a comfortable heritage cruise ship.

Heritage Discover Cruise Expedition | 2 Days, 1 Night


  • 9:15 Hotel pick-up for trip on new highway to Got Ferry Terminal, Cat Hai Town, Haiphong City (arrival about 11:30). You will see the longest bridge over water in Southeast Asia, and be welcomed at our lounge for refreshments before boarding for the cruise.

  • Midday Transfer by speedboat to Heritage Cruises Cat Ba Archipelago.

  • 12:15 Our cruise director will welcome you on board. Over a welcome drink there will be a cruise briefing and safety instructions before checking into your suite.

  • 12:40 Cruise to Da Chong Islet, where you can see a heritage lighthouse built more than a century ago by the French. After lunch, continue to Gia Luan Lagoon with its limestone karst formations rising out of the sea. This bay is untouched and remote, as not many cruise boats use this route.

  • 15:00 The cruise vessel approaches the Ba Trai Dao or Three Peach beaches in Lan Ha Bay, a natural frontier between the provinces of Halong and Haiphong. This secret hideaway has beaches, caves and coves, plus the spectacular natural beauty of about 400 islands. Guests can try kayaking or simply swim in the clear waters of the bay.

  • 17:30 Back on Heritage Cruises, enjoy life aboard the vessel or in your suite, and with cocktail in hand watch the sunset over the Gulf of Tonkin. Activities include afternoon tea and wine tasting, and the chef will lead a Vietnamese cookery class.

  • 19:30 A memorable dining experience will be offered at the restaurant, with local food in an intimate and romantic setting.

  • 21:30 Enjoy evening views of the bay at the bar on the top deck. Try your hand squid fishing, or watch a movie in the restaurant. The bars are open until late.



  • 6:00 Help set the sails and practise Vovinam on the sundeck. After a light breakfast, head off in a bamboo boat to explore the Dark and Bright Cave.

  • 9:30 Return to the boat for checkout.

  • 10:00 Enjoy brunch while cruising back to base.

  • 11:35 Return to Got Harbor and disembark for your onward journey.

  • 12:10 While waiting for your pick-up service to Hanoi, enjoy the comfort of our lounge.

  • 14:00 If you have booked our limousine service, our chauffeur will pick you up to take you to your hotel in Hanoi.

Heritage Cruises Lan Ha Bay - Halong Bay

Mission & Vision

To deliver an experience to remember.

To cruise from the Highlands to Hanoi and Halong Bay on the Red River and its tributaries, along the coastline of Vietnam, on the Mekong River and to other Southeast Asia countries.

Core and Value

Ultimate Cruising Experience

At Heritage Cruises, we put our customers first in everything we do. To achieve this means building a cohesive team that always exceeds guest expectations.

Education and continuous innovation are the lifeblood of Heritage Cruises, supporting each team member to achieve the highest standards. We build a team culture of respect, with individual differences welcomed so that each person can contribute their individual ideas and skills to the organisation.

Heritage Cruises is a company that takes pride in its team’s honesty, dedication and friendship as it delivers peak professional performance in a dynamic work environment. We work together to achieve our goals and lead the boutique cruise industry in Vietnam and the region.

We aim to create ongoing win/win partnerships with our suppliers, and through hard work create profits and growth for all.

Our Promise

Creating memories – Heritage Cruises promises a memorable experience, with staff members committed to ensuring every moment on board is a special one. Life is all about moments.

Decades of expertise – As the first heritage and boutique cruise company to cover both Halong Bay and Nha Trang, Heritage Cruises has had more than 20 years’ experience in the cruise and luxury tourism industry.

Ultimate service – Every detail is taken into consideration. “No request is too large, no detail too small” is the credo of the Heritage Cruises staff, who go above and beyond to create an extraordinary experience for discerning guests.

Heritage design – Each Heritage Cruises boutique cruise ship is a one-of-a-kind, exquisitely appointed heritage vessel, drawing on the arts, traditions and culture of the region, and as inspiring as the destinations you visit.

Culinary experience – With menus designed by an Iron Chef, Heritage Cruises has crafted culinary treats for the most discerning of palettes.

Sense of place – Heritage Cruises’ itineraries offer a sense of place. We design cruise itineraries that showcase the destination and include fun activities. As the experience is personalised, guests can choose how deeply they wish to immerse themselves in the activities on offer, or simply just relax.

Goodbye stress – With perfect planning, Heritage Cruises create the ultimate stress-free, chic cruise experience that is just the perfect length as an add-on to an escorted tour of North Vietnam. And it is not just an experience: we create memories to last a lifetime.

Boutique Sruising

  • Our definition of a boutique cruise: Small is beautiful; boutique…c’est chic.
  • Can be furry (pet friendly)
  • A focus on food and beverage
  • Eccentricity and sense of humour welcome
  • Ultra-personal service
  • Rich in local flavour
  • A personality with a story to tell
  • Sharp focus on setting
  • Modern decor with a quirky touch
  • Feelings of independence
  • A sense of intimacy
  • Contemporary vibe and spirited guests to match.
  • A boutique cruise is a destination of discovery in itself.

Our Story

A childhood dream

As a teenager, Pham Ha, the co-founder of Heritage Cruises, cruised from Haiphong City to Ho Chi Minh City just a few years after the unification of South and North Vietnam.

A dream come true. Even then he had plans to build his own cruise ships, to have his own fleet, so he could share his passion for his country.

He fell in love at first sight with Halong Bay in 1995 and came to know every single island, sometimes spending a week camping on the isolated beaches and exploring remote islands by kayak.

In 1997 he took a film crew there for 2 months to make the ‘Vertical Ray of the Sun’, a film by the famous director, Tran Anh Hung, which was filmed in Cua Van Floating Village, near Three Peach Beaches, on the frontier between Halong Bay and Cat Ba Archipelago.

His personal mission is to deliver happiness. He is passionate about quality cruising, heritage, culture and history. Pham Ha is recognized internationally in the tourism business and knows the market well. As a result, he initially built a fleet of cruise ships in Nha Trang Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.  The building of a new fleet in the Cat Ba Archipelago, the Red River and in the future for longer trips from north to south Vietnam is a continuation of his childhood dream.

Heritage Cruises derives the inspiration for its boutique concept and design from the heritage ships of the inspirational patriotic entrepreneur Bach Thai Buoi, who transformed transportation on the waterways in Tonkin in the North Vietnam in the early 20th century. Almost a century later your clients can embark on a voyage through time on a Heritage Cruises ship – a vessel inspired by heritage designs and with impeccable service fit for the bourgeoisie from the 1930s.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci’s quote captures Heritage Cruises’ vision and philosophy perfectly: the key principle behind every project is a devotion to simplicity, heritage, boutique and product authenticity.

As a company, Heritage Cruises is pure, artful and elegant in offering special perspectives on the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin. The welcome is personal, the accommodation sumptuous, and the views just gorgeous.

And yet it is the total experience − the unique impression derived from the cruise’s combination of quality, quintessence and ambiance in a spectacular location − that makes the cruising experience on Heritage Cruises unforgettable.

And all because of Pham Ha’s childhood dream.



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